Passier Tailored Saddles

Is it possible to improve the worldwide acknowledged best saddles? The answer is clear: relating to a certain horse and a certain rider, absolutely yes.

The Passier saddle is, due to its flexible tree and the stageless adjustable forged gullet, the perfect basis for the manufacture of "THE" tailored saddle for horse and rider. A saddle crafted for the future. Each Passier saddle is so well conceived that you are able to adapt it for your next horse (and, of course, in case your present horse alters).

Have a browse around at ours in a personal atmosphere and allow us to advise you: there are numerous different models, styles and sizes from Passier in our speciality store. Together we can find the right combination for you and your horse.

The result: an individual made-to-measure Passier saddle is the optimum for every rider and of course for every horse. Rejoice for decades over a handmade masterpiece! Time and again my customers are thrilled at the riding improvements rendered possible by the tailored saddle, and not least, how good it feels for rider and horse.

And the cost? You would be surprised that your tailored saddle is not necessarily more expensive than a "ready-made" model.

What does your dream saddle look like? Let’s discuss it!